Saturday, July 7, 2012


It's been a busy last few months! Loft32 has developed and published a new website with 100 new decor products available for purchase! Of course, we still offer our Custom Drapes, Pillow Covers and Table Runners, but we have also added some amazing design elements such as Lighting, Mirrors, Accessories, Fabric by the Yard, Outdoor items and Furniture! Our new website is: WWW.LOFT32.COM . Please stop by the website to view the products I have personally selected and want to offer to all of you. Here's a glimpse of what you might find:

Snail Shells in Gallery Frames (set)

City Names on Distressed Wood, New York City Names on Distressed Wood, and Beach Cities on Distressed Wood

Greek Key Lamp

Black Weathered Clock

Reclaimed Wood Cocktail Table

Zander Weathered Wing Chair with Nail Heads

Antiqued Quatrefoil Mirror Wall Art (set)

Silver Leaves on Wood Wall Plaques (set)

Authentic Sheepskin Rugs (in a variety of colors)

Custom Made Modern Sheers

Custom Made Imperial Trellis Inspired Drapes

Custom Made Pillow Covers

Authentic Zebra Cowhides (other cowhides also available)

Feel free to share this website with others, and visit it often, as we will be adding new items regularly!

Friday, January 20, 2012


Let me be the first to tell you that the love affair with the Citrine Imperial Trellis inspired fabric is far from over! Lately, we've been getting orders for drapes, pillow covers and table runners in the Citrine color like crazy. We've also been selling the fabric itself...a lot of it! Some people wonder....would this color even go in my house?  What other colors would compliment it? While on the other hand, there are many who see it and know immediately, they MUST have it and know it would be perfect!!

The latest increased interest in this fabric makes me realize just how popular this citrine trellis pattern really is and how important it was to share some homes that feature this golden yellow design and let you know that designers and savvy homeowner/decorators all over the world still think this Citrine is DELICIOUS!

Loft32 table runner featured in the gorgeous citrine Imperial Trellis inspired fabric.
Buy it here!
(Loft32 customer photo)

What a beautiful combination, sky blue and citrine! Makes a soothing bedroom.
Get these drapes, here!

Perfect for those vintage finds!
Buy this fabric here!

(loft32 customer photo)

I ♥ this fabric in the kitchen! So light and airy.

This is Kelly Wearstler's Imperial Trellis wallpaper...just lovely!

What a great idea...sink curtain! Too cute!

It makes amazing artwork!

Saturday, December 10, 2011


The Imperial Trellis pattern is all the rage in the interior design industry. The LOFT32 Imperial Trellis alternative fabric was  inspired by Kelly Wearstler and is as close to her original pattern as you can get.

Now, you can own Imperial Trellis patterned pillows, drapes and table runners! LOFT32 now offers custom made home decor items in your color choice of any of the Imperial Trellis inspired fabric. We can make any size to fit your needs. Check out these LOFT32 customers' homes and others who added a little Imperial Trellis to their spaces!

photo courtesy of LOFT32 customer

photo courtesy of LOFT32

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of LOFT32

Photo courtesy of LOFT32

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of Source4interiors

Fabric color options available: Citrine/Ivory, Black/Ivory, Coffee/Ivory, Aqua/Grey, Two Toned Grey

To inquire or place an order, contact: or visit the LOFT32 Etsy Shop!

Saturday, October 8, 2011


And if you ♥ yours, you'll get a mammogram! October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, the perfect time to make an appointment to get checked. If you love your friends and family, you'll remind them too.

For Breast Cancer Awareness month, I'm featuring some beautiful rooms with a touch of pink!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I love going to flea markets, secondhand stores and vintage shops to find a great piece that can immediately transform the look of a room. It's true, vintage or antique pieces stand out as works of art when paired with the right decor style. Traditional decor can feel old, and modern decor can "get" old, but regardless of the style of house, you can always incorporate a few vintage or antique finds to keep it interesting. The challenge is keeping your vintage finds modern. Keep in mind that interiors aren't meant to "match", but rather "coordinate".

The best way to incorporate vintage/antique pieces into your decor is to intersperse them throughout. This will act as a more eclectic and international feel. Designers do this best by making sure they have one vintage piece in every room. If you're lucky enough to travel abroad, you can probably bring home some amazing finds....for all of us others, we will continue to scour the endless sea of vintage items at our local flea markets!

The only rule here is to make sure you balance cultures, styles and time periods. You can't go wrong....and these pieces make your style really stand out!

This vintage yellow tufted wingback chair adds color and character to the corner of this elegant dining room.

Believe it or not, this is a "mud room"! The room includes vintage items such as the white hall tree against the wall, the settee from an antique mall and a vintage table found on ebay.

In this sophisticated, turned rugged living space, these red vintage number signs (once used at an old gas station) add color to this space.

This room's designer created an illusion of height by placing wallpaper on the ceiling and to inspire the rest of the furnishings, she added a vintage couch (still in it's original upholstery).

While updating this home, the designer opted to keep the original 1947 molding over the doorway. It brings charm to the room, don't you agree?

All photos courtesy of Lonny Mag
The painting in this sitting area was purchased by the homeowner at a market in Thailand. Always bring back pieces when traveling.

Bottom line is to mix vintage finds with modern pieces, don't over think it, go with your gut, and if you buy what you love and put it where you'll enjoy it, it will always work!


Sunday, August 28, 2011


Nothing else adds as much character to a room like a unique accessory. Trophy heads, regal dog statues, gazelles, Buddhas, bookends and even artichokes....all just standing there (but delivering) and defining personalities of home owners and decor style from Los Angeles to Dubai! Whether you prefer porcelain, ceramic, glass, stone or iron, these beauties are all the rage in the design business.
Here are a few of my faves in homes around the world!

The peacock in turquoise glaze, adding color, texture and elegance.
Silver ram head figurine, perfect modern addition to any table.

Pure white porcelain greyhound. Adds height and drama to room.

The platinum octopus climbs atop the mantle for a conversation builder.


Another turquoise statue, this large thoroughbred is everyone's favorite.

For a bookshelf in need of an antique look, these jacks in black do the trick.


Horns are so dramatic and provide a wild side to all decor styles.


Tone down a space with these organic artichokes on white pedestals.


Moosehead bookends in bronze bring eclectic style to a room needing flair.

Another horse figure adding wood-like texture and rustic charm.


Orient sophistication of this dragon brings edge and culture to a room.


Another cultural statue, commands attention in a zen environment.